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Original Premium

The recipe for this slightly sweet, slightly hot mustard was given to us by our mother...who got it from her mother...who brought it to Dakota Territory more than a century ago. Especially good on ham, corned beef, brats and franks.

Honey Lemon

Our honey mustards just got a boost with the gentle tartness of lemon. Try it on egg rolls, egg salad or a dab in your devilled eggs. You'll love it!

Golden Honey

We added quality North Dakota clover honey to our original recipe to deliver a uniquely smooth mustard. It enhances chicken, shrimp, seafood and potato salad. You'll find it fantastic on walleye!

Honey Hickory

No ballpark mustard, this Tennessee hickory blended with Golden Honey mustard combine for the greatest sandwich spread you'll ever taste. For a special treat, add it to your deviled egg recipe. You won't believe your taste buds!

Honey Rhubarb and Cranberry

These two are for dippin’ anything! Pretzels, shrimp, chicken strips, veggies—you name it. We took our original recipe, adding honey and fresh rhubarb to one and tons of cranberry sauce to the other. Especially good served with chicken or pan-fried fish.

Pride Of Dakota