Our handcrafted mustards originated in the Old World of Ireland, family favorites that accompanied O'Connor immigrants to Dakota Territory in the 1880s. Today we share the exceptional flavor of their original recipe together with a fine selection of specialty mustards.

The zesty taste of O'Connor's Mustards™ will enhance your meat and fish dishes, boost the flavor of your favorite sandwiches, and add tangy complexity to your dressings and salads.

We prepare our zesty mustards in small batches to retain flavor and texture, using only first-quality ingredients from the heart of America's breadbasket.

Each blend produces an exceptional product noted for its unique flavor with no bitterness or starchiness. And each provides a flavor sensation with few calories and a mere pittance of fat.

And, naturally, we use no artificial flavors or preservatives.

O'Connor's Premium Mustards™

In Loving Memory of Dad

O'Connor's Mustards™
make great gifts for your
mustard-loving friends!

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